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Plan, design, construction and renovation of an outfitters garage

An outfitters design dream garage

The term outfitters is often used in the jargon of the world of cars and automobile mechanics as a synonym for “luxury tailoring.” This is what the Garage Construction Montreal Group proposes to transform the garage of your home or business into a real outfitters design luxury garage. The Garage Construction Montreal team is more than just a general contractor in construction. This is a group of designers, contractors specialized in renovation and construction, architects and structural and building engineers that can take on any renovation project or outfitters garage building in an area of 100 km around Montreal.

An outfitters design garage is a priority

For us, offering you a nice outfitters design is as important as to offer you the best price. This is why an interior designer with experience meets you to work with you on an interior dream design while remaining within your budget. It is useless to offer yourself a wealth of options that do not meet your financial expectations. On the basis of the budget that you offer to the designer he will work under the direction of one of our general contractors and take care of finding the materials and methods of construction and renovation to reconcile budget and outfitters design.

Nowadays, quality materials are expensive. We want to get quality for our money and with the help of a designer in charge of the project you can save yourself a lot of hassle as well as obtain more often surprising and spectacular results at the lowest price.

Adding a window, an outside door of access, converting your garage attic into storage space, and other forms of renovation will completely change the look of your garage in addition to make it more useful.

Elements of an outfitters design garage

The designer will offer a host of features and equipment available on the market or custom design to furnish your new outfitters design garage, such as:

  • shelves, cabinets and storage racks;
  • hooks for hanging items such as bicycles;
  • a workbench for carpentry, mechanical or other work;
  • checker plate floor leggings;
  • neon lighting;

For renovation of an outfitters design garage, residential, agricultural or commercial, you can count on Garage Renovation Montreal.

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