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General contractor in garage construction in Montreal

General contractor in made-to-measure garage construction

The Garage Construction Montreal Group is not just one general contractor but a group of general contractors, architects, engineers and designers who come together to design and build your garage, unique and custom-made, and with a high standard of quality, at the best price, and covering a large area of over 100 km around Montreal.

In Quebec, when it comes to construction of residential and commercial garages, one is automatically talking about an expansion of a home or a business that requires the skill of an RBQ licensed general contractor.

Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor since 1989, called together for you experts in building custom-made garages.

General contractor, planning, design and prices of garages

Most general contractors will make you a price without having asked for plans, drawings or technical details. At Garage Construction Montreal our approach is different. For us, design is as important as the best price. Before making a price we take the time to talk with you about your tastes, the size and the style of the garage of your dreams.

An interior designer and estimator first meets the client, takes the information to the municipality regarding regulations and margins of construction and then works on some proposed garage models on measure.

When the client approves a model, the plans are made and then a general contractor can make a price based on the plans and specifications of the designer or the building technologist because these details clearly include the size and choice of the materials.

These steps guarantee customer satisfaction because of the clarity of information and the good preparation for the construction.

A general contractor can now begin the work and soon your dream garage becomes a reality.

For the construction of a residential, agricultural or commercial garage you can count on us.

Do not hesitate to contact us!