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Renovation of a design garage in Montreal

Renovation of a Design Garage by a general contractor in Montreal

The renovation of a design garage, that is the business of Garage Construction Montreal which includes general and specialty contractors, an interior designer, specialists in concrete flooring, an architect and a structural engineer to renovate your garage into a design dream garage.

How to embellish one’s garage at a good price?

With a limited budget it is possible to greatly transform your new design garage. Renovation with basic: good interior cleaning, fixing with plaster and repainting the interior walls and the ceiling, installing a few shelves and storage racks and, especially, making your concrete floor into a uniform surface, repainted, slip-free and glossy, will completely transform your garage.

Within days, economically, with our team, you will see a difference. Guaranteed!

Accessories of a garage

Plenty of accessories are available and can be added after the basic interior renovation of the garage to combine usefulness with pleasure, such as:

  • shelves, cabinets and storage racks;
  • hooks for hanging items such as bicycles;
  • a workbench for carpentry, mechanical or other work;
  • checker plate floor leggings;
  • neon lighting;

The design and the plans before the renovation of a garage

For major renovations we offer the services of a designer who will transform your garage into a real luxury garage worthy of garages for car collections and that, to your surprise, with a very reasonable budget. Let one of our expert designers take responsibility to meet you before you begin the renovations. The designer will take care of making some proposals to you with drawings and sketches in hand, he will look for materials and accessories, make the plan for the development and prepare an estimate for the general contractor.

Following this, you will know exactly what to expect and the contractor will easily be able to make you a better price with clear and accurate information.

The general contractor begins the work and soon your dream garage becomes a reality.

For renovation of residential, agricultural or commercial garages you can count on us.

Do not hesitate to contact us!