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Building a residential garage 3 doors in Montreal

A residential garage 3 doors

The construction of a residential garage 3 doors aims at customers with a large field available to add an addition to the house. The residential garage 3 doors can be added as an annex to the house or separate. Design and construction are custom respecting the style of the existing house. Our group of entrepreneurs and designers is selected by Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor since 1989. The group is at your service whether it is for the renovation of the residential project for your home or new construction.

The dimensions of a residential garage with 3 doors

By its size a residential garage 3 doors almost compares to a home. One counts in general 13-15 feet width per door with a depth of 30 feet. This gives about 45 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The ceiling of the garage may vary, but in general the owner of a residential garage will love high ceilings 10-15 feet high to store objects.

Use of a residential garage 3 doors

With a dimension of about 45' x 30' the use of a residential garage of this magnitude is varied:

  • Park and protect the cars of the whole family;
  • Store household items;
  • Mechanical workshop or residential do-it-yourself or even commercial to generate income;
  • Indoor playground for children;
  • Bachelor’s apartment for tenant in the attic of the garage to increase revenue;
  • A door reserved for professional business: a dance school, a professional office, a hairdresser’s and/or a beauty parlor;
  • Collecting cars.

A residential garage 3 doors is a dream come true with the Garage Construction Montreal Group.

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