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Plan, design, renovation and construction of a garage in Montreal

Residential garage 1 door

Whether it is to build a residential garage, to design or renovate the interior of your home in luxurious garage, the group of general contractors of Garage Construction Montreal meets your expectations. Our group helps homeowners who want to add a first small residential garage or renovate an existing house garage in a large area around Montreal, of high quality and at the best price. If you want a residential garage of design quality, it is with Garage Construction Montreal that you should do business.

A 1-door residential garage is an attractive option for homeowners who want to protect their cars, keep them warm during the winter, store things or convert it into a workshop or auto mechanics room.

General contractor in garage construction

The construction of an extension of the house into a garage requires the services of an RBQ licensed general contractor because it concerns the construction of a new building with an increased habitable surface area. All of our entrepreneurs network members of Garage Construction Montreal are young and dynamic RBQ licensed general contractors and they have all the qualifications and experience in construction of buildings of all kinds from small renovations to new house construction.

Design of custom residential garage

Your residential expansion project is custom-built because it is important that it fits the style of your home. First, a designer of our team will meet you for all the information needed to design the garage depending on your budget, he gets the certificate of location of the house, does some research at the municipality to confirm the permit to build a new garage and he takes pictures of the outside of the house to do the design of your 1-door residential garage. The designer works with a team of our general contractors to make sure he can do the design within budget.

Once the design is completed a house plan technologist works as a team with the designer to do the plan of the one-door residential garage.

From the plans, one or more of our general contractors proposes a price. The Garage Construction Montreal Group allows you therefore to not only do the design of your new customized residential garage but also get a better price.

We offer the best value of service, quality and price on the market. Our team is led by Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer and general contractor since 1989.

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